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Finding Hilton Head on the Silver Screen

  September 30, 2015  |    David Abolafia

The beauty and majesty of Hilton Head Island make it a natural choice for movies. However, only a handful of features have taken advantage of the area’s lush scenery and put it on the big screen. Here are the titles that let you see the cinematic version of Hilton Head:

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Fort Lauderdale Filming Locations

  September 17, 2015  |    David Abolafia

When you take a trip to Fort Lauderdale, you may quickly discover that many of the beaches and other sites around the city look familiar. That’s because the “Venice of America” is a popular location for Hollywood film shoots – even, in some cases, standing in for Hollywood itself. Here are some of the big-name flicks that rolled film in southeast Florida:

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When vacationing in Freeport, Grand Bahama, there is plenty to do and see; you can pack your days with activity and have an adventure-filled trip. If, on the other hand, your idea of the perfect vacation is unwinding and curling up with a good book, you might enjoy a few titles with a Bahamas setting, allowing you to have a multi-level appreciation of both the book and your surroundings. Here are a few recommendations:

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James Bond and the Bahamas

  September 10, 2015  |    David Abolafia

Despite the fact that fictional superspy James Bond was first committed to the page (by author and former naval intelligence officer Ian Fleming) in Jamaica – at Fleming’s home, Goldeneye – the successful film series based on Fleming’s books has inextricably linked the man with the “licence to kill” to the Bahamas. More than a quarter of the blockbuster movies were filmed there, with the islands providing locations for some of the unforgettable sequences that the flicks are known for. Here’s a list:

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One of the first things that tourists in Freeport and the rest of Grand Bahama notice – particularly when they go shopping or pay for a meal – is that the Bahamian dollar is equivalent to the American dollar. While this may be fortuitous for travelers – there’s no need to exchange currency before your trip – there’s actually a reason for it… one that dates back more than 150 years.

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El Paso: Where Talent Takes Root

  September 4, 2015  |    David Abolafia

It’s impossible to predict where talent comes from. However, in the case of El Paso, Texas, there may actually be something in the water – for this border town is the birthplace (or onetime home) of numerous celebrities. Here are a few famous folks who got their start deep in the heart of Texas:

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On Location: Films Shot in El Paso

  September 2, 2015  |    David Abolafia

With its scenic vistas and Old West character, El Paso is a natural choice for filmmakers looking for the kind of rugged romanticism that helps set the mood – for a high-octane action flick, a moody drama or even a knockabout comedy. Check out some of the movies that have taken advantage of the El Paso landscape:

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El Paso is quite literally a border town – situated not only on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, but also on the border between Texas and New Mexico. As a result, the options at local dining establishments tend to tie in elements from multiple cultures – giving patrons a wealth of taste selections, a sumptuous reflection of the city’s colorful history. Some of the most popular place to pull up a chair when you’re in “Sun City” include:

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There are many reasons why location scouts choose certain spots for their movies. Sometimes it’s the scenery, sometimes it’s for tax reasons, sometimes it’s the will of the director or stars. For the Dominican Republic, its climate and geography often made it a go-to destination when political matters prevented filming in other parts of the world. Check out some of the big-name flicks that were shot there:

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