WinterWonderGrass to Take Over Lake Tahoe with Bluegrass and Brews this March

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Portland Fashion Week® 2015

  April 15, 2015  |    Janette Wider

Portland Fashion Week® began in 2003 and is now the third longest consecutive running Fashion Week in the United States. Portland Fashion Week® was the first fashion show in history to have 100% sustainable fashion designs.

Portland is home to many winners from the popular television show, Project Runway, tying with Los Angeles and New York City with a total of 5 – more than any other city. Portland is now becoming a highly regarded and well known fashion hub in the United States. Read More

Haunted Savannah

  April 15, 2015  |    Janette Wider

Savannah, Georgia is considered one of the most haunted cities in America. It’s no surprise seeing as Savannah was a battleground during the American Revolution then again during the Civil War. Having much of the city built on old grave sites of soldiers, aristocrats, slaves and those who died of disease (many died in the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1820) probably doesn’t help either. Also, residents of Savannah included voodooists and pirates – making it the perfect setting for creepy stories to be passed down from generation to generation and to visitors of Savannah who dare to visit the haunted places themselves. The release of John Berendt’s 1994 bestseller, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, also draws in a crowd who are interested in things that go bump in the night. The novel is categorized as non-fiction and chronicles a 1981 murder. “The garden of good and evil” in the book is referring to Bonaventure Cemetery. Whether or not you’re a believer in the paranormal, the five haunted places that follow are some of the city’s most interesting, captivating and supposedly haunted spots.

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While Visiting Williamsburg, Discover Something…Old.

Archaeology in Jamestown.

  April 8, 2015  |    Janette Wider

Williamsburg, VA is part of the historic triangle – Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown make up this triangle. They’re all connected by the Colonial Parkway and just a short drive down the parkway from Williamsburg will take you to the Jamestown Rediscovery. Jamestown Rediscovery is an archaeological project to find the remains of the original James Fort, ca. 1607-1624. The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiques (now known as Preservation Virginia) acquired 22.5 acres on Jamestown Island in 1893.

Twenty years of exploration has recovered more than 1.5 million precious artifacts from the first permanent English settlement in America. So who were these settlers? Many artifacts discovered at the dig site give an insight into this very question. Read More

How Seattle Spawned Coffee Growth

  April 8, 2015  |    Janette Wider

People in Seattle consume more coffee than any other city in America. One study done by The Daily Beast stated that there are 35 coffee shops per 100,000 residents and that residents of Seattle spend an average of $36 a month on coffee. That’s a lot of caffeine – so how did Seattle become the coffee-lover’s paradise it is today?

To get the whole story, we have to go back to 1895 where a local Seattle dockworker, Oscar Delaloyes found a bag of spilled coffee beans on the docks. He pan-roasted the beans and began to peddle his product around the area. Soon, his profits allowed him to open up Seattle Tea and Coffee at Pike Place Market, which is also the home to the oldest Starbucks location. In 1966 Alfred Peet, disappointed with the quality of the coffee in the United States after immigrating to San Francisco in 1955 (Peet was born in the Netherlands where his father ran a small coffee roastery) travels the world to find the highest quality of beans and opens Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Berkley, CA. Read More

For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to live in a warm climate year round, this winter has been particularly brutal. Negative temperatures bring thoughts of warm weather – either planning a getaway now to escape the frigid cold or sticking out the winter and daydreaming of soaking in some sun this summer.

Here is a sample of 10 beaches that made the Traveler’s Choice list in the United States, there’s somewhere for everyone to imagine themselves lying out on the beach enjoying the sound of the ocean and the warming of the sun.

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This has been a spectacular winter.  Snows came early and often this year and the landscape has never been so beautiful.  As winter fades and the colors of spring begin to sparkle throughout the Smokies, Gatlinburg blossoms into the center of all things botanical during Great Smoky Mountain Association’s 65th Annual Wildflower Pilgrimage.

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St. Patrick’s Day in California?

San Diego – The Largest Celebration West of the Mississippi

  February 10, 2015  |    Take Three Nights

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day in the United States, you can’t help of thinking about the grand celebrations of Boston, New York and Chicago. These among other east coast cities are known for the grand gestures they convey in being Irish for at least one day a year.

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On The Beautiful Gulf Coast

  February 7, 2015  |    Take Three Nights

Ten years ago Biloxi had built the reputation of being one of the best vacation locations in the United States. The warm beaches, beautiful resorts, fine restaurants, wonderful casinos, family oriented attractions and events built a great resort town.

However, that was the year of Hurricane Katrina and Biloxi had the opportunity to build the resort into an even better location for the hundreds of thousands of visitors it attracts every year. In the ten years to follow that is exactly what happened.

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“Music, Brews and Mountains” is the theme for the WinterWonderGrass Tahoe Festival, establishing its first year at Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe, California March 20-22, 2015. WinterWonderGrass is a boutique winter music and craft beer festival featuring more than 15 bands and 12 California breweries over three days. The finest ingredients of the North Lake Tahoe lifestyle are brought together by WinterWonderGrass Tahoe to craft an experience of natural elation, delivering a batch of fulfillment and a dose of memories to local music enthusiasts and a global winter audience. Drawing from the environmental beauty and mountain lifestyle as the foundation for the event, WinterWonderGrass adds in music and community to create the ultimate Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows gathering.

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If you’re a fan of Southern hospitality and American history, then you’ll love the Take Two Family of Products’ newest destination: Savannah, Georgia. It’s appropriate that our first destination in Georgia was also the state’s first city, established in 1733. Not sure if this old port city is worth your time? Here are a few reasons why you will love Savannah.

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The Other Half of Orlando

  July 24, 2014  |    Ruth Baucom

Families across America and the world flock to Orlando with one purpose in mind: Disney World. I won’t argue that Disney is a trip worth making, but please don’t stop there. This Central Florida city could keep you entertained for weeks with it’s shopping, nightlife, outdoor activities and spas. If it’s hard to deny yourself another theme park visit, switch it up with a water park. This infographic shows you why Orlando isn’t just for kids but kids of all ages!

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