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Eating Your Way Through Austin

  July 7, 2015  |    David Abolafia

While the city of Austin might be dedicated to “keeping it weird,” visitors who arrive with an appetite might consider reimagining that slogan as “keeping it tasty.” The Texas state capital is known for its exciting and eclectic cuisine, with eateries that please the palate across the savory spectrum.

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We’ve all heard the expression “Getting there is half the fun.” At the same time, many of us have experienced road trip tedium that has worked to disprove that maxim. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that, when you load up the car for your next vacation, you’ll wind up logging family enjoyment along with the miles. And as a result, you’ll be in good spirits when you arrive at your destination, allowing you to take full advantage of the time you spend there.

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Multi-Purpose Travel Essentials

  June 26, 2015  |    David Abolafia

While the last-minute packing frenzy often leaves you asking, “Did I forget anything?” before your vacation has even started, there are certain items you should always take with you – to help address any manner of snags that can crop up as you go on your way. In fact, these particular doodads are so handy for travelers, you may even want to keep a separate “go bag” so that you know you’ll have them on hand no matter where the trip takes you. Read More

Eating Your Way Through Anaheim

  June 24, 2015  |    David Abolafia

When you choose a vacation destination, it’s the unique attributes of that locale that make it appealing. Finding new things to do, and new ways to do them are often at the heart of a travel itinerary, so finding what makes a place special – that’s at the heart of so many memories. In Anaheim (and the surrounding Ocean County area), as in many stops on an explorer’s journey, the local foodstuffs are a specialty worth sniffing out – great meals that will serve as touchstones in the telling of your travelogue. Read More

A History of Cheese: Wisconsin

  June 10, 2015  |    Janette Wider

Wisconsin produces more than 600 varieties, styles and types of American, international and original cheese that win more awards than any other state or country. So, how did Wisconsin become the hot-spot for cheese? I’ll tell you – and give you some cheesy spots to visit on your next trip to Madison!

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Austin: Keeping it Weird

  June 4, 2015  |    Janette Wider

The unofficial slogan for Austin, Texas, is, “Keep Austin Weird.” Red Wassenich (a professor at a local college) gave a pledge to an Austin radio station in 2000 and coined the motto that locals and visitors both wholeheartedly embrace. The slogan got adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to promote small business and the rest is history. Here are some things that do a great job of keeping Austin weird!

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Unplugged Road Trip Games

  June 1, 2015  |    Janette Wider

With the summer approaching and the kids getting out of school for break, there’s an increased chance you and your loved ones will be spending an extended period of time in the car. Whether it’s a full-blown road trip or just a couple hours longer than usual, things can get pretty boring and tempers can start to flare. Read More

Travel Disasters: What to do

  May 15, 2015  |    Janette Wider

Sometimes things don’t always go the way we want them to when we’re traveling – luggage gets lost or a pickpocket grabs your wallet along with your passport. These and other situations aren’t always on our minds when we’re planning our trip, but with summer vacations quickly approaching, here’s what to do if one of these unfortunate incidents occur.

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New Orleans Like a Local

  May 6, 2015  |    Janette Wider

When I first thought about writing an article about New Orleans, the first person who popped into my mind was my friend Bob from college. We were writing majors together at a university in Connecticut and he always entertained me and our fellow classmates about his adventures in Louisiana where he went for a couple years before transferring to our school. Read More

The History of Las Vegas

  May 1, 2015  |    Janette Wider

How did Las Vegas become the thriving metropolis known as Sin City? It wasn’t always casino after casino on the strip. To get the whole picture of how Las Vegas became what it is today, we have to step WAY back in time then work our way forward to the bustling Las Vegas we know and love today.

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5 Tips for Traveling as a Couple

  April 22, 2015  |    Janette Wider

It’s pretty widely accepted that traveling with someone is a great way to get to know them and to see if you’re compatible. My husband and I haven’t been everywhere we want to go yet – but we’ve traveled together enough to know what works and what doesn’t when traveling as a couple.

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Portland Fashion Week® 2015

  April 15, 2015  |    Janette Wider

Portland Fashion Week® began in 2003 and is now the third longest consecutive running Fashion Week in the United States. Portland Fashion Week® was the first fashion show in history to have 100% sustainable fashion designs.

Portland is home to many winners from the popular television show, Project Runway, tying with Los Angeles and New York City with a total of 5 – more than any other city. Portland is now becoming a highly regarded and well known fashion hub in the United States. Read More

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